Why Use Us?

Why Use Magical Vacation Experts?

We’re All Disney Specialists

We have numerous travel specialists on staff who have gone through training on Disney World and Disney Cruise Lines to ensure we answer your questions and you make the most out of your vacation.

First-Hand Disney Advice!

We are singles, couples and families with kids — but we all visit Disney World and cruise on Disney Cruise Lines whenever we can so we know first-hand and pass that along to all clients, new or returning.

Disney Does it Right!

One of the reasons we love Disney is … they just do it right.  “No” is not in their vocabulary — “let me see what we can do” is.  And we take their lead when it comes to planning your vacation!

Top-Rated Cruise Ships – Consistently!

We’ve sailed with many cruise lines in the industry and finally tried Disney when our daughter came along – and won’t cruise with anyone else from this point on.  All ships are in the Top 10 from Conde Naste!

No Extra Charges!

Many agencies and agents out there charge a fee to plan your trips these days – but we don’t!  We will make your reservations and help you get setup online to make the final preparations for your trip – no additional charge!

We Love What We Do!

When you email one of our agents about Disney, you will get the feeling that they LOVE what they do… because they do!  No one gets rich in travel anymore – you have to love this business to stay in it.

Specialized Disney Services


Online Disney Access

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